London – part 2

16 11 2007

Towards the end of our trip, Andy and I visited two iconic London sites – the British Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

britmuseum2.jpgThe British Museum was awe-inspiring due to the sheer volume of antiquities it contains. We saw stolen friezes from the Parthenon, Assyrian inscriptions, Egyptian statues and, of course, the Rosetta Stone.

(Yes, I said ‘stolen’. It was amusing to read the little pamphlet which explained how much of the Parthenon came to be in the British Museum and passionately – if not convincingly – gave rationalization for why it should remain there. It might as well have said “Finders, keepers! Losers, weepers!”)

Anyways, I told Andy that if I had been here 8 years earlier (or had been in Grad School only a year ago), all of the stuff we were seeing would be even more amazing. I might have even been able to read some of the Greek on the Rosetta Stone!

The one thing we missed out on seeing was an exhibit of terra cotta warriors from China. We were pretty excited to see that they were on display at the Museum AND pretty disappointed to find that all the tickets for the day had been sold out. Bummer!

All in all, I’d say that a visit a visit to London should not be considered complete unless one has visited the British Museum. It’s definately worth your time. (Plus it’s free!)


The last thing Andy and I did in London City (besides watch some rugby and have a late dinner at a local pub) was take in a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre.

To be honest, we had been hoping to see a rock concert over the weekend but that didn’t pan out. So, we figured this would be interesting, if not entertaining – which it really was.

We purchased our tickets for the show the day before and opted for the standing room tickets which places you on the floor at the foot of the stage. Had we really put some thought to it, we would have known that our feet and legs would be killing us after two days of walking around London and we would have purchased actual seats. But, we didn’t such foresight.

That’s why we saw only the first act of Love’s Labour’s Lost.

I still need to google the play to find out how it ends…






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16 11 2007

Love loses it’s labour. That’s how it ends, dude.

17 04 2014
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