Disappearing Act

22 11 2006

These pictures were taken from our front porch last week (Nov. 13th & 17th respecitively). I’m not a great photographer, but you should at least be able to tell that something is missing in the second picture…


I wish I could say it was my faith that moved the mountains. What really made them disappear is dust, which was blown in from the Sahara by the Harmattan winds.

Our teammates, the Millers and Emersons, get to enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by the snow-covered mountains of Colorado and France, respectively. We just get dust-covered mountains.

At least we actually have mountains…on ‘clear’ days that is!


New Creation

20 11 2006

There’s a new, beautiful lady on the Blogger block… my wife Tracey! She’s set up camp over here . Go check it out.

Aside from being the most gorgeous woman in the world, Tracey is very fun and insightful. Her blog is a great place to visit. (Plus, I have to confess, I like her page design better than mine. What’s more, she’s got the new Blogger Beta version and I’m still stuck with old one!)

Here’s hoping I can win just enough of our arm wrestling contest over posting rights to pictures of the boys to keep this blog interesting….

The Parable of the Naked Cyclist

16 11 2006

I don’t think anyone will complain about there being no pictures with this post…

And the teacher told them this story: “One day a man was visited by his neighbor who had come to see if he could borrow the man’s bicycle. The neighbor had an important purchase to make in the market of a larger village that was some miles away and was hoping to cut the time of the trip from 3 hours to 1 hour.

“After greeting the man, the neighbor said to him, ‘Friend, I would like to ask to borrow your bicycle. I have an important errand to run in town and would like to get back before dark. May I use your bike?’

“The man was more than willing to lend his bicycle to his neighbor, but he couldn’t help but notice that his visitor had absolutely no clothing on. So he said to the neighbor, ‘Of course you can borrow my bicycle. But, tell me, you do plan to put some clothes on before you head to the market, don’t you?’

“The neighbor shook his head and replied, ‘Well, I don’t have any clothes to put on. I’m going to market just as you see me.’”

Then the teacher asked them, “What would you do if you were this man? Would you lend your neighbor your bicycle and let him go his way, naked?”

“No,” many of them replied. “We would give him some clothes first.”

“But he did not ask for clothes, he asked to borrow the bike,” said the teacher. “Why would you give him clothes instead?”

And they answered, “We would give him the clothes because the clothes are more important.”

Then the teacher asked them another question, “Is this neighbor wise or foolish?”

“He is foolish,” they replied, almost in unison.

“You are correct,” the teacher said. “He is foolish because did not ask for what he needed the most and instead set out to something that would bring shame to himself, his family and his village.”

“But, you see,” the teacher continued. “This is exactly what most of us do when we come to before God to ask Him for help. We stand there and ask Him for all kinds of things which are good and legitimate needs (like the bicycle), but they are not what we are most desperately in need of!

“We ask God to heal the sick. We ask Him to help us evangelize our friends and family. We ask Him spread His Kingdom throughout the world. We ask Him to help us start up new ministries which will bless the poor. We even ask Him to make us better people.

“But if we seek to do these things without that which is most important, we are like the man who planned to ride his bicycle to the market, naked.”

“What we really should be asking for, what we really need more than anything, what we need to have before we can think about doing anything else is this…

“a living, intimate knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ.”

And this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent – John 17:3

Lord, help us to truly know you before all other things.. Amen.