Friendly Notice

7 12 2007

FYI — I don’t plan to post anything new on this blog over the next couple of months.

Working hard at finishing out our time in Togo strongly, starting to try to piece together our future lives in the US and trying to stick faithfully to renewed spiritual and physical exercise regimens has left me with little time to write.

Oh – that and I have little to NO motivation to do so.

(I seriously doubt the new gaming console Santa is bringing for Christmas will help the situation any either!)

Anyways, I just wanted to do the courtesy of letting the handful of you who regularly check this page know not to expect anything new for a good while. I’ll be sure to let you know via our team newsletter (and maybe T’s blog) if and when I get something new up.

In the meantime, keep checking Tracey’s blog . She does a consistently fantastic job of posting pictures and sharing insights into our family’s lives.

Also, here’s a picture I plan for you to see hanging in our house whenever you come to visit us in the US. My favorite picture from our safari in Kenya last July. Peace.





2 responses

26 12 2007

I am praying for your return to the US. Keep the faith!

Your father-in-law

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site!

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