World Water Day

22 03 2006

Today is World Water Day, which was created to raise awareness of the world water crisis . As residents of one of the many sub-Saharan countries which are feeling the brunt of this crisis, Tracey and I are aware of the great need for clean, potable, easily accessible water.

Right now, our region is in the middle of the annual 5-6 month dry season and is not uncommon to see ladies walking well over a kilometer to get water out of a stagnent, muddy water-hole or creek bed. (This water is then used for bathing, washing and even cooking!)

Tracey has been led begin researching how we might be able to bless the Kabiye people with clean water through the digging of wells. We are hoping and praying that we will find a suitable course of action soon. Giving water to a village would be a tremendous life-giving blessing and could open doors for people to hear about the One who gives spiritual thirst-quenching water.

Please join us in praying for direction in this area. Also, if you have any helpful suggestions or leads, feel free to share them. Follow the link provided above and get yourself involved in helping the 1.1 billion of people who don’t have access to safe drinking water.