Happy Halloween

31 10 2006

Our family didn’t get to go trick-or-treating, but we did carve a pumpkin. The boys chose to make it a silly pumpkin. Fitting don’t you think?


Catch of the Day

13 10 2006

This summer the boys went fishing with their cousins, Emma, Aiden and Isabelle. They had a great time as the fish — small brim and catfish– were biting. Check out the ‘big one’ Owen landed.

Everyone, except for Isaac, caught a fish. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have any excitement. Actually, what happened to him was more exciting than catching little fish.

Isaac was playing with his cousins when he took one backward step too many and fell into the pond. Thankfully, the swim lessons he had taken earlier in the summer paid off and he was able to swim back to the wall at the edge of the pond. My brother, Ben, then hauled him up. We checked to make sure Isaac was okay and then everyone had a good laugh.

Then we noticed the sandal, floating in the middle of the pond. Why there weren’t two sandals, I don’g know. Somehow, Isaac had managed to keep one flip-flop on the whole time he was in the water.

Since I was not the one to save my firstborn from a water grave, I jumped at the chance to rescue something. Even if it was just a $4 flip-flop! So, I grabbed a pole and went to work, casting and reeling, casting and reeling. After much effort (and no small amount of skill, I must say) I landed my best catch of the day… a 9 1/2 inch, 3 oz. sandal!

You Know You’ve Been Travelling Alot When…

8 10 2006

1) Your oldest son complains that his little brother left the GameBoy bag ‘unattended’. I guess some people actually listen to those airport public announcements.

2) Friends begin to ask you, “When are you going to post a new blog?”

Well, here it is. Our apologies for the delay.