Last Things

26 08 2007

Our family is moving back to the States next May. We’ve known since the end of 2006 that this was going to be our last term in Togo, but it took us awhile to decide when we’d actually be moving back.

May 2008. Now we’re less than a year out from it, I’ve started noticing all the ‘last things’ we are experiencing. (Tracey calls it “The Long Goodbye”.)

This summer we hosted our last group of interns. (What a fantastic group! We went out with a bang for sure.) Isaac just had his last birthday in Togo (unless we’re back here visiting on July 24th). I realized yesterday that we’re living through our last rainy season. Before we know it, it will be last harvest, last harmattan, last safari, last retreat, last prayer time….last goodbyes.

It makes me sad.

There are a ton of things I’m going to miss about our lives here. I doubt I’m even aware of them all. And, I’m certain that with time, I’ll forget some (most?) of them.

Well, I’ve decided to start a running list of “things I’ll miss about Togo”. Whenever I’m feeling nostalgic about something, I’ll try to write it down and then post it here for prosperity’s sake. Hopefully it will help me remember Togo as I see it now and remind me of ‘where I came from’ once I’m a resident American again.

Things I’ll Miss About Togo…

  • Stepping out on my front porch and seeing the Kabiye mountains.
  • Stepping out on my front porch, looking east and seeing a big thunderheads that will dump on us in the next few hours. (The big storms almost always come from the east here.)
  • The nervous excitement of wondering if the truck’s 4-wheel drive is going to get through that really big mud hole in the road.
  • The overwhelming generosity of the Kabiye men who end up covered in mud after they drop what they are doing to help you get unstuck from that big mud hole. (Not that I drive through big mud holes looking to get stuck!)
  • Sunsets behind the Kabiye mountains coming home from Ketao.
  • The view out the north window of the Soumdina Po Wayi church building on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Blue sky, green mountains, the sun making the top of the grassy fields glow.

That’ll do for now.