More Light(s)

14 12 2006


Last year I put up a post complaining about the lack of lighting on our Christmas tree. Well, thanks to overwhelming response to that post, we went from having 1 string of lights to 7! Here’s hoping the light production in my life is keeping pace!


Thought I’d share a pic of me and boys (ahem!) putting together our tree (it always hurts to say that!) I was happy for the help.


Goodbye Hawkeye

4 12 2006

Sometime early this morning, our dog Hawkeye passed away. He was only 30 months old and was just becoming full-grown adult.

At least we knew Hawkeye was sick. Last week we took him to the vet to find out what was wrong. Apparently, he had some genetic disease which prevented his organs from absorbing water and nutrients properly. The vet gave him little chance living – so we were a prepared a little bit for Hawk’s departure.

Hawkeye was our first family dog. One of the main reasons we got him 2 years ago was to help the boys (and Tracey) overcome their fear of dogs. Hawkeye turned out to be a great therapist! He was always full of energy and loved to play fetch. We usually tired out before he did.

Since most people here in Togo are afraid of big dogs, Hawkeye was the perfect guard-dog. Who knows how many people he scared away with his loud bark. In a strange way, I’ll miss being waked occasionally at 2 am by his barking. I doubt we’ll feel as safe without him around.

We miss you already Hawkeye. Rest in peace.