Masai Mara – 2

15 09 2007

Here are some more pictures from our safari in Kenya…


This is the one male lion we saw with a big mane (the only we saw really well that is). He was hanging out near a stream and was kind enough to sit and pose for us. His size was very impressive. The picture doesn’t really do him justice.

After he moved back into the brush, our van got stuck in a huge rut. Our driver tried to get us out, but we ended up having to be towed out by the other van. It was bit unnerving to think that a huge lion was well within striking distance as they hooked up the cable. Thankfully, the lion stayed away and we got out the hole and on with the safari.


These hippos are in the Mara River, which is right along the Kenya-Tanzania border. We were lead on a guided walk along the banks of the river to look at hippos and crocodiles. We had hoped to catch a glimpse of wildebeests migrating across the river, but the timing just wasn’t right. Maybe next time…


Here is a decent picture of a zebra with lots of topis (a type of antelope) in the background. These species can no longer be found naturally W. Africa (although, the president of Togo has zebras in his personal game reserve which is not far from Kara.) It was really cool to see these animals ”in the wild”. Since he loves the movie Racing Stripes, Owen got a big kick out of seeing the zebras run and prance around.




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8 12 2007
Kenya Safaris

Nice lion pic……..!

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