Super Isaac

13 09 2007

I was looking at the blog today and thought to myself “there are a ton of animal pictures on this page.” The scary thing is that I’ve got at least 4 more posts full of safari pics in the queue. So, for a change of pace, I thought I’d throw in this picture. (For you safari enthusiasts, I put a new elephant picture in the header – in case you hadn’t noticed!)


While we were at the All-Africa Missionaries’ Conference in Kenya, Ro Diaz, our friend from Dallas and an awesome artist, did caricatures of the kids. The boys got to pick out what they wanted to be drawn as and Isaac liked the idea of being Superman. He wasn’t crazy about the exaggerated head size of the drawing and he complained when we put it up in his room. (Tracey and I liked the picture so we left it up, but only for a few weeks.)

For some reason, though, he didn’t complain about the extra muscles…




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