High Roller

28 08 2007

Tonight was ‘game night’. Tracey and Isaac played a game on the computer while Owen, Graham and I played Hi Ho! Cherry-O!

How was it? Let’s just say Owen cleaned house. He won every single game we played (I think it was 6 total). He won going away and coming from behind. Each time he won, Graham and I said, “Double or nothing!” Good thing for us the double of zero is still zero!

If you see this little guy sitting across the table from you putting cherries on the trees, take your money and walk the other way!


Photo taken by Graham




2 responses

29 08 2007

Too Cute!!!! It’s good for the little guy to win sometimes….

31 08 2007

Josie, Amy, and I played last week. I went to game and got “0” cherries off my tree in either game. It got ugly, I also stink at candyland.

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