Golf is NOT Boring

13 08 2007

Just about every casual sports fan knows that yesterday, Tiger Woods won the 13th major of his career at the PGA Championship. (Nice call Ben!) Unlike most sports fans (well, at least those in the US), I had follow Tiger’s march to victory by continually clicking the ‘refresh’ button on the leaderboard and live blog pages of the golf page. Not very tigerwoods.jpgvisually stimulating, I know, but it did provide a good amount of suspense. (Especially since the pages usually took a minute or two to reload.)

As I was thinking about how I ‘watched’ the PGA Championship yesterday it struck me that, at one time, I would have considered my actions to be a total bore. I mean, I remember thinking the only good thing about watching golf was that the slow pace and the hushed tones of the commentators helped you get that afternoon nap you really needed.

Now I’m riveted by how the little numbers on the online leaderboard might or might not change, for crying out loud!

It’s a sad state to be in, I know. But here’s hoping the internet connections will still be good when the time for the Ryder Cup rolls around.




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14 08 2007

Thanks to a nasty stint with the stomach flu (17 pukes in under 20 hours), I had the opportunity to watch Tiger’s final 18 holes. That kid is absolute money. Even though Els and Austin (my new favorite player) provided some excited, whenever they got close you could almost watch as Tiger would look at the leaderboard and say “not today fellas.” He is remarkably clutch and if I lived in Togo, I would have been glued to the internet ticker as well.

14 08 2007

Well, at least you finger got lots of exercise with all of the clicking. I feel a little guilty now as I watched it on my big TV as was grumbling because I don’t have HD for the local channels yet. It sort of puts my life in perspective.

And Ben, you must have set a new record for puking. That was 4 times more than Tiger’s majors. Way to go.

14 08 2007

Golf may not be boring, but it is infuriating to play. At least for me. 🙂

14 08 2007

The last time Tracey and I went golfing, she decided to quit playing after 3 holes. Still, she was willing to endure another couple of hours on the course and let me finish playing a full 18. That just tells you what an amazing woman she is!

Sorry you were so sick Ben. I’m counting my blessings as I would not have traded places with you on Sunday!

Glad to help put things in perspective for you Dad. HD must be really nice though…

19 08 2007

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