2 cent Bonds

8 08 2007

Barry Bonds broke the “most hallowed individual record in sports” last night, hitting his 756th career home run.

For what it is worth (probably less than one thread of one stitch of that ball Bonds crushed for no. 756), here’s my two cents on the whole matter.

While Bonds has not been proven guilty of taking steriods, I’m with the vast majority of fans who believe he knowingly took performance enhancing drugs. For me the proof is in his unnatural physical growth at a time way past puberty or even a “late growth spurt”. Most (if not all) of his perceivable physical changes – especially his ballooning head size – are tell-tale signs of steroid use.

Still, in my book, Bonds won’t be guilty until proven so.  But, in the same right, he’ll always be suspect until definitively proven otherwise. (His case could be compared with that neighborhood dog you saw chewing on a discarded T-bone -last night’s dinner- right after you spent 30 minutes picking up your trash after a mysterious garbage spill. You are sure the dog did it, but you can’t really complain to the dog’s owner because you didn’t actually see the dog get into your garbage and it is possible – although only very very slightly so – that he was munching on someone else’s T-bone leftovers. The evidence is all there, except the smoking gun.)

That having been said, history has been made and that should be celebrated. I don’t really care for Bonds, but I got goosebumps watching that home run and I probably will when I see it again. (Just like I get goosebumps whenever I see Laettner’s last-second shot to beat Kentucky in the Elite Eight.  To put it lightly, I don’t care for Duke nor Laettner, but I do love sports history and drama.)

I’m just hoping I get the chance to have those goosebumps trumped by another career homerun record breaking blast in my lifetime.

A-Rod hitting it in a Cubs uniform would be extra sweet.




4 responses

8 08 2007

3 posts in 4 days. I am in awe. I just posted my third in 2 months. Feeling good about myself.

And stop talking about the cubs. Since ben brought them up they are 1-5.

8 08 2007

Hey, A-Rod isn’t a Cubbie yet (yet being the operative word). Besides, they’ll probably be in the process of losing the NL Central when he breaks the record, so don’t worry. I don’t think I’m going to snake bite them any more than they already are – see Soriano’s recent injury.

In the meantime, let hope spring eternal my brother.

I’ll try to pace myself on the posts. You need do better though…

10 08 2007

Jen and I were not aware that our cable was paid for by our landlord until a couple of nights ago. After plugging it in, my first response was to see if we had ESPN (an obvious response, of course). I turned to channel 31 only to discover that Bonds was up to bat. Two pitches later he knocked out number 755 to tie Aaron. I was both saddened and excited at the same moment. A few nights later I remember that the Giants were on ESPN again. I turned on the tv to discover that Bonds was up to bat yet again. Two pitches later he knocked out number 756 and I experienced the same emotions all over again (a serious case of deja vu). I was thankful I got to see both at bats.

I love watching sports history which is the reason why I will be glued to the tv this weekend hoping Tiger gets major #14. I think I blame it on dad who made me stay home the night Cal Ripken broke ol’ Lou’s record of consecutive games (even though I had plans with my buddy Derek). Whenever I see a “hallowed” record broken I remember that night in our living room in Vancouver as Ripken galloped around Camden Yards. It is still one of my favorite memories with our father.

10 08 2007

Sorry, I meant #13 for Tiger.

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