Donkey in the Front Yard

15 01 2007

We held Owen’s birthday party this morning, complete with ballons, streamers, presents, cake and – yes – a donkey!

Since Owen has been on a horse kick lately (that’s what he wanted for his birthday), we decided to make horses the theme of the party. Owen wore his cowboy gear and Tracey made a great horse-shaped cake for dessert. We really wanted to have horse rides for the kids, but horses aren’t very common over here so we got a donkey instead.

Like Owen, all of the kids got sit on the donkey and pose for a picture. However, that was only after Bryan tamed the wild beast!

In reality though, all he was interested in was eating our grass. We had hoped to give rides around the yard, but the donkey – true to character – was stubborn and wouldn’t budge and inch.

In the end, it was a win-win situation. Everyone had fun at Owen’s ‘horse’ birthday party and the donkey got a tasty snack!