Climbing Day

9 01 2007

Yesterday, Isaac, Graham and I took a hike in the Kabiye mountains. They boys had been excited about going since we had decided make the outing a few days ago. We didn’t hike to far, nor climb too high, but we did have a lot of fun together. Here are a few pictures…

This is the rock formation we climbed on and around. Isaac kept wanting to go higher and higher, but a wiser head prevaiedl and he had to settle for middle ground. Graham is peeking out from the opening just below Isaac.

At first, Graham wasn’t too sure about how the day was going go. He had all kinds of concerns. But, to his credit, he soldiered on and it wasn’t too long before he found his courage and climbing legs. I am very proud of him!

I had forgotten how fearless of a climber Isaac can be (a trait I’d like to encourage, and curb all at the same time). He was eager to explore and found many new paths, nooks and crannies. He found this opening in the rock and climbed right in. What cool kid!