Disappearing Act

22 11 2006

These pictures were taken from our front porch last week (Nov. 13th & 17th respecitively). I’m not a great photographer, but you should at least be able to tell that something is missing in the second picture…


I wish I could say it was my faith that moved the mountains. What really made them disappear is dust, which was blown in from the Sahara by the Harmattan winds.

Our teammates, the Millers and Emersons, get to enjoy Thanksgiving surrounded by the snow-covered mountains of Colorado and France, respectively. We just get dust-covered mountains.

At least we actually have mountains…on ‘clear’ days that is!




5 responses

23 11 2006
The Emersons

i’ve always wondered what that looked like…now i know. not to mention i’ll get a first-hand view in about 6 1/2 weeks! looking forward to seeing you guys very soon. 😉

24 11 2006

When you get here, you’ll have a much better view of the mountains from your house. And don’t worry, it isn’t always super dusty. See you soon!

27 11 2006

Is it sad that I really miss the dust? I guess it was just part of the experience. Miss you guys…

27 11 2006
Anthony Parker

This is a great way to show harmattan. I don’t miss the dust (which usually wasn’t so bad in the mountain-less south), but I do miss getting together w/ you guys for Thanksgiving.

16 12 2006

thats all


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