New Creation

20 11 2006

There’s a new, beautiful lady on the Blogger block… my wife Tracey! She’s set up camp over here . Go check it out.

Aside from being the most gorgeous woman in the world, Tracey is very fun and insightful. Her blog is a great place to visit. (Plus, I have to confess, I like her page design better than mine. What’s more, she’s got the new Blogger Beta version and I’m still stuck with old one!)

Here’s hoping I can win just enough of our arm wrestling contest over posting rights to pictures of the boys to keep this blog interesting….




4 responses

20 11 2006

What a wonderful and sweet wife you do have!!! I love the picture! It makes my heart smile! Your blog will still be interesting! I will love reading both of your perspectives! Love you brother!

21 11 2006

That is a fun picture! Wanted to let you know that we’ll be thinkin and praying for you guys this week. I hope you get to enjoy Thanksgiving Togo style!!!


21 11 2006

Told you she was pretty and fun! We’re having a pig roast next week with the Tabligbo team followed by Sports Camp for the kids. We did this last year so I guess it’s become Togo Thanksgiving.

21 11 2006
Randy & Kelly Vaughn

Just got back from a 3-week trip to Texas…Kelly had her 3 weeks in October just before mine (we can’t leave the country as a family because the adoption papers for Lael are not yet finalized). Anyway, Kelly mentioned that she is now a TracyRiesBlog fan…sorry, she never ever knew you had one! ha! And I do wish we could make it to Togo Thanksgiving this week…that would be so much fun…but after being apart as a family, we just don’t want to be separated again so soon….we would sure love have the kids at Sports Camp! And with our Stateside return next spring, this looks like the last time we’d be able to join all of you for these special days…hate to miss it. We’ll have to get up their soon, though! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Sports Camp!

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