Happy Halloween

31 10 2006

Our family didn’t get to go trick-or-treating, but we did carve a pumpkin. The boys chose to make it a silly pumpkin. Fitting don’t you think?




3 responses

1 11 2006
Anthony Parker

That is a great, silly pumpkin.
Our boys were very excited. Jeremy kept saying, “This is my first time to go trick-or-treating!” I wonder what your neighbors would have thought if your kids had walked up in Ninja costumes? Blessings to you all.

1 11 2006
Nana Lesa

I love the pumpkin!!! They did a great job. I am just sorry they weren’t here so they could come trick or treat to our door (no one comes out here….we are too far out in the country)! We had a big Harvest party at church with games and candy for all the neighborhood kids. I helped set up, but didn’t go for the party itself (too much chaos). Give the boys a big hug from Nana and Grandpa Art!

13 11 2006
Jeff Nichols

Sweet blog!

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