The Swiss Alps

1 06 2006

“Tall mountains, green valleys, the beauty that surrounds me…”

Our trip to Swizerland was wonderful! We had a great time visiting with my brother Andy, his wife Yannick and their son (our nephew) Jayson in Geneva and hanging out with them at a chalet in the ski village of Anzere. (Thanks to Nigel and Christina for letting us stay in their place!) Here’s some pics from the trip.

Andy and Jay in front of Chateau Chillion, a medival castle.

The Ries families in Anzere.

Andy in Graham in Anzere.

Yannick and Tracey enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Isaac and Graham hang out high above Geneva.




4 responses

1 06 2006

It’s such a beautiful place. If Andy and Yannick keep backing out of moving I might still have a chance to visit them! I’m always curious to see if we’ll all ever end up living near each other… Maybe some day. We sure love you guys!

1 06 2006

Like Isaac said while we were in Geneva, “This place is nice! I want to live in Switzerland!” Love you too.

1 06 2006

Looks like you all had a great time! I always love the view of Geneva from the top of the cathedral that John Knox ministered in. What a view and worth every step of the climb! Love Geneva, hate the prices!!! I’m with you Jen….hope Andy and Yannick live somewhere closer some day.

19 06 2006

How cool do you have to be to say you’ve stayed at a swiss chalet? Though, like me, you probably can’t say that you’ve slept the night away in a swiss bank!

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