Ghana Signs

18 05 2006

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been preparing for a 3 month visit in the States which starts tomorrow (!). As you can imagine, we had a ton of packing to do, gifts to find, responsibilities to pass on, goodbyes to say and lose ends to tie up. On top of all of this, Graham graduated from Kindergarten, Isaac was promoted to 3rd grade and Owen…well, he’s still 2 and 110% boy – always a handful!

We are currently in Accra, Ghana waiting for our plane to London. From there, we fly to Geneva, Switzerland to visit my brother, Andy, and his family. We are really looking forward to seeing them. (I anticipate having some great pictures to post next week from that stay.)

So what does all this have to do with Ghana signs? Well not much, except that we drove through Ghana today and were reminded of the funny (to us) business signs we frequently see. West African English is a bit different than American (or British) English which can be both frustrating and fun at the same time.

Here’s a list of our favorite signs in Ghana:

Don’t Mind Your Wife Chop Bar
– A chop bar is just a little shack that serves local food. I guess this is a good place to go if you’re having marital problems.

Observers Are Worried Chop Bar
Not the best advertising. Probably not the best food either!

Sokode Biscuit Factory – Proud Users of Holsum Fat
– Can fat really be wholesome or that just industry propaganda?

God’s Finger Farm
– If your kid ever asks you where fingers come from, here’s your answer!

Live and Dressed Chicken Sold Here
– These are more expensive than your traditional ‘dead and naked’ chickens, but I’ve heard they are cute. It is a mystery, though, why the chicken on their sign doesn’t have on any clothes.

Holy Ghost Zone Cosmetics and Hardware Store
They take face lift to a whole new level.

God’s Love Furniture Works
I’m not exactly sure what love furniture is, but apparently the God brand works.

One for the Road Palm Wine Bar
– Enough said!




9 responses

19 05 2006
The Emersons

awesome post! gotta love ghana…

19 05 2006

Yesterday I saw a sign that said…

One nation under Me!

…quite frankly, I don’t remember God ever saying that so I can only assume it comes from that new TNIV.

20 05 2006
Randy & Kelly Vaughn

Driving just outside of Lome (Togo), I am always tempted to stop in for a drink (Coke most likely) at the:


Seriously, it’s there.
Love those Ghana signs….and have a great time Stateside!


22 05 2006
Anthony Parker

Were you at WAMR a few years ago when Randy read out his list of Ghana signs? I’m not sure they were all genuine, but I’d love to get that list if they are still available. I love your commentaries. Have a great furlough!

22 05 2006
Randy & Kelly Vaughn

I don’t know if I still have it or not…I’ll probably find it when we’re packing up our house next year! But I’ll keep an eye out for it…I do remember the last one (made up or not, I don’t remember):



23 05 2006

David and I always laugh at one that we saw either in Ghana or in Tabligbo: a hair salon called “Wait and See”! 🙂

Bryan and Tracey, if you guys are in the Missouri area at all during your trip to the US, please let me know — I’d love to see you guys!!! We could at least talk over the phone!


25 05 2006
Travis Fry

My personal favorites:
Hit or Miss Boutique
Lord Knows Cellular Phones

It’s always an adventure…

19 06 2006

The Eastside Church of Christ in Portland, OR has saved many people with a reader board that says: “Check out this web site http://www.jesus.god” or “2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Jesus! God! Holy Spirit!”
and thats no joke.

27 08 2006
Jenna Bunner

I love the one in Tsevie “Merciful God Bar and Dancing”

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