New Gear

26 04 2006

Check this out! Our good friend Forrest Gardner recently sent us a package containing new lightsabers and Star Wars figures for the boys. He also included a copy of the previous post in which I stated their old lightsabers were broken and on it he wrote, “Some things in this universe must be corrected!”

Thanks G-man. The boys are having a blast.




3 responses

26 04 2006

You need to tell Owen that he is going to hurt himself if he doesn’t hold it by the handle. In fact, it almost looks like he no longer has a right arm due to his poor saber technique. Or…perhaps he has achieved some zen, nirvana, mastery of the force which allows him to be immune to the mighty weapon that is the light saber. Well done, young Ries…the force is strong within you.

Beware: His uncle Ben may use the strong presence of the force to pull Owen over to the dark side (or, as some call it, the Democratic Pary).

27 04 2006

Ben — If you look closely, you’ll notice that Owen’s right hand is blue. He did not lose his arm in a lightsaber accident, but like Luke and Anikan, his hand was lost. He now has a special mechanical hand made out of a highly specialized metal alloy which allows him to grasp the light part of the saber.

Yes the force is very strong with him. He is already besting his brothers in 1 on 2 duels. We are striving to keep away from the dark side, but he can become a Democrat if he so chooses.

Much love. I’m surprised you put your name as Benny. I remember you hated that name because of the mentally handicapped clerk on LA Law who went by the same name.

27 04 2006

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Not the dark side!!!!!!!!! (Don’t make me come over there and whip some democratic DONKEY!!)

Glad the boys are enjoying the Star Wars gear!!


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