Let the Madness begin!

16 03 2006


Today, I begin my self-imposed blackout of all NCAA hoops news. Since we don’t get CBS over here in Togo, I won’t be able to watch the NCAA tournament until tapes of the games arrive in a couple of weeks. (Huge props to Chris, Dave and Forrest. You guys get extra stars in your crowns for helping a brother out!)

Nothing beats watching the first few rounds wondering who’s going to make the big shot and having your brackets get shot to pieces by some underdog. We try to keep that feeling (even with a two week tape delay) by shutting out any news about the tourney. So, Tracey will be screening our emails and I won’t be visiting ESPN.com anytime soon.

It is small price to pay to get a little taste of March Madness – even if it is in April or even May!

My Big Ten tourney champion Iowa Hawkeyes aren’t getting any love from the media, but I think they’ve got a great shot to get into the Elite 8 and beyond. They’ve got one of the best defenses in the nation and a bunch of seasoned, hungry seniors who’ve weathered a tough Big Ten schedule. That’s usually a recipe for success in the Big Dance. Getting by West Virginia, Texas and Duke or LSU is a tall order, but you never know…

For what it is worth, here are my Final Four picks:
UConn, Villanova, Texas & Gonzaga

UConn will stop the ‘Horns in the final game and take home the hardware.




One response

16 03 2006

No love is right, but prob deserved given their tourny record….

that said… they could easily make it to the elite 8 and that scares me. This is one of the few years that I looked at the bracket and had to seriously think about putting past the 1 or even 2nd round.

I am living the tourny through broadband (CBS is broadcasting the games on the web… will see how that works!) can’t wait!!

Love you bro!

PS, we were up at the chalet this weekend and it is going to be fun. I helped install the huge flat screen tv so we will have that incase the weather is bad!

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