Happy Birthday Graham!

9 03 2006

On March 1st, Graham turned 6! He is growing (and growing and growing) so fast. We are very proud to call him our son and are excited for what this next year has in store for him.


Okay, so I’m a bit late on the post. I could list the excuses, but they don’t really matter. Still, Graham is having a strangely extended birthday this year. It started with a party in Accra with his team friends Feb. 25th, before the Neals’ departure to the US (pictured above). The kids had fun playing games, eating a Mickey Mouse cake with ice cream and giving some gifts to the birthday boy.


We were driving home on G’s actually birthday, so nothing special there. But the next day, Mar. 2nd, Tracey made him another cake (left) and he got to open more presents! Not a bad deal.

The cool (and sometimes frustrating) thing about all of this is that there are even more presents from family on the way. Just today, Graham received a birthday package in the mail. Hopefully that will hold him over until next week when our gift to him, a remote control 4×4 truck, will be arriving. (I know I’m having a hard time waiting!)

Happy Birthday(s) G! We love you!




2 responses

9 03 2006
The Emersons

graham rules! see you guys next week…

12 03 2006

Yes he does! Considering you’re bring his remote control truck, I’d say you rule too! Safe journeys

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