Hawks On Top

14 02 2006

I’ve hesitated for long time to say anything about my Hawkeyes and their recent success on the hardwood because in recent years, good things haven’t lasted with the Iowa basketball team. To validate my feelings, the boys choked at Northwestern (ouch!) last Wednesday. I feel much better saying something now after a big win at Indiana. Now, they are a ½ game ahead of Ohio State with 5 games left to play. Still, I’d better say something while I can!

I’ve got to include a pic of the new all-time leading rebounder at Iowa, Greg Brunner, doing what he does best. “Bru” is, in my opinion, the epitome of Iowa hoops – slow, white dude who plays his guts out. He sports my old number too, which puts him in even more rare company!

Tonight, Michigan State visit Carver Hawkeye Arena. This is a huge game. Hopefully the Hawks have learned something from the 30 point thrashing the Spartans gave them earlier in the year and will actually the play the kind of defense that has made them among the nation’s top defensive teams. I’d love to see them win and go on to the Big Ten regular season title, but beggars (this is Iowa we are talking about here) can’t be choosers.

Honestly, a top 3 finish in the Big Ten regular season, good showing in the Big Ten tourney (semis or finals) and a run to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament would be fantastic. Still, after a number of years of just hoping to see Iowa mentioned as a possible bubble team, it’s just nice to see them down as “lock” to make the tournament. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of the season brings.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the fact that my team is first in its conference and try not let may expectations get too high! They’d probably be disappointed.




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15 02 2006

You showed nads writing that before that game…. thank heavens they played like they were supposed to and pulled it out! 2 road games left, one against Illinois… who knows what could happen.

I miss watching these guys, I miss my terrible mood swings. Life is boring without being upset over a basketball game.

16 02 2006

Like I said, I thought I’d better say something while I could! I’m excited that they won. Minnesota on the road will be tough, but our boys should be 11-3 going into a huge road game at Illinois.

I miss watching them too! Anyone willing to tape games and send them our way? Our address is BP 801 Kara Togo.

I don’t think I’ll touch that ‘nads’ comment!

17 02 2006
Carter Davis

The MSU game was terrific…Hawks looked outmatched in the first 5 min of both halves but Horner hit some huge 3’s in the second half to put it away. I cannot remember an Iowa team that played defense this well. Certainly not in the George Raveling days.

I must confess I quit watching after the UNI loss. I just couldn’t bear to see them tank again in B10 season. But I’m back on the bandwagon now.

No promises on taping them but I’ll look into it…I’m pretty impressed with your ability to keep up with things w/o ESPN. You’re probably better informed than I am!

18 02 2006


You probably have a better chance of seeing an Iowa game than I do here is this purgatory known as Texas. If you need every Western Texas State basketball game I can probably get that for you. Let me know. Go Hawks!


19 02 2006

“Minnesota on the road will be tough.” How I wish I wasn’t right. Now there is the whole Alford to Indiana talk.

Personally, I don’t care if Alford goes or not. He hasn’t been that great of an improvement over Dr. Tom (if any). While Iowa has had it’s share of ‘hardship’, most of his teams have underachieved. So, he can go to IU, which is supposedly his dream job.

I DO care if the controversy screws up the season. Losing on the road in the Big 10 isn’t cause for alarm, but championship teams win on the road. That’s definately what the Hawks have to do to win now!

Go Hawks!

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