Village Visit Journal 2001 – pt. 2&3

6 02 2006


Day 2 – Tuesday

“He won the lottery, when he was born!” – from WMA (White, Male American) by Pearl Jam

I always thought that was the truth & it was reaffirmed this morning. I have about 10 blisters on my right and 4 are on one finger!

The sad thing is, I only worked for about 4 hours (including breaks) and only got a 4 ft. deep swath cut out of the weeds around the compound. I guess I did okay, but I’m not sure because there’s been no real feedback.

This afternoon – it is lazing around again, but I shouldn’t complain. Still, I may go & try to greet some people. Tomorrow is market day, so it should be a bit more exciting.

I still haven’t found a French [speaking] companion. That’s okay I guess. Maybe I’m not motivated enough to get out & meet someone. I really don’t feel like taking the initiative – so it is partly my fault.

I did think that I would be around more people. I worked alone today. Maybe tomorrow…

They made some of the rice & beans I brought. It was good, but I’m afraid I offended the ladies by choosing not to put palm nut oil on it. Oh well, they’ll probably just chalk it up to ignorance.

I’m feeling better about bringing the Gospel here. I know I can’t do anything alone & it is the Spirit that will do the heavy lifting. That has been encouraging. More later…

Day 3 – Wednesday

“Thunder that is a low rumble in to one man, is a loud BANG to another.” – silly made-up proverb

There is thunder in the distance but I think it is going to pass [over] here. It rained a tiny bit this morning, maybe it will rain more tonight.

Last night at the local drinking spot, I was told that I would not be left alone for “one minute” [during the day] and many told me they were going to come and work with me – this did not come to pass.

I finished off the part around the house that I missed (there may have been more, I wasn’t shown any though). Then I met the chief & weeded among some corn with him for awhile. He told me to sit down, but I refused. After awhile, though, I got very tired & kinda light-headed. So I went and sat down… That’s what I’ve been doing the rest of this day.

I did shower at the chief’s [house] & was almost exposed to the whole household. Fortunately, things worked out to where I wasn’t!

I wish I was going home today. My leg, back & neck are sore from working. My hands have blisters which are sore. Now, my throat I hurting too. I don’t know if that is work related too or just a bug. Anyways, I’m ready to go home.

Well, I get to check out the market tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will go by fast. We’ll see…





One response

7 02 2006
Carter Davis

Glad to see a PJ reference seeping into your diary…keep ’em coming, this is interesting stuff…

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