Village Visit Journal 2001 – pt. 1

2 02 2006

This isn’t the post on the giving seminar I promised in our e-newsletter. I’m still organizing my thoughts on that. In the meantime, I hope you find this interesting.

The other day I came across a little notebook I used in our first years here to write down new vocabulary words and phrases I learned while out in the villages. As I flipped through it, I came across some journal entries I had written down during a 4-day, 3-night stay in the village of N’Djei.

I didn’t write down the dates, but I think it was sometime in late May/early June 2001.

Anyways, I thought I’d share with you what I thought about life in the village at this time. Keep in mind, we’d been in Togo for less than a year and that my Kabiye speaking skills were very limited. (Which is why I did the extended village stay in the first place!)

Here’s the first day’s entry…

Day 1 – Monday

Lots & lots & lots of sitting around. And I thought life in Kara was slow! I didn’t get here until about 10:30 – too late to start working in a field, so I sat and watched the ladies cook. Lunch was fine.

Afterwards – I lazed around under the trees, shelled peanuts. Then, everyone – sauf moi [except me] – went to work in the fields. I don’t have a translator yet, so that may be part of the problem. Also, I think they don’t believe I can do the work. Maybe I can’t, but I’m not afraid to try.

Anyways, I got tired of sitting around with the kids, so I went & swept out the hut. It should be a good place to stay.

I am working tomorrow. Hopefully I can hook up with someone who will help me with language. I also reviewed some old language lessons. I need to study more…

The quiet has been good for my thinking/praying time. I will continue to pray, though, that my idle mind will not become the devil’s playground. I am especially praying for pure thoughts. – That’s it for now.




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