Who Is That Masked Man?

8 01 2006

Hint: He turns 2 on Thursday.




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9 01 2006

I hope Owen learns that there is a point in life when wearing underwear on your head is no longer acceptable. A lesson his Uncle Andy has yet to learn!

Uncle Ben

9 01 2006
Anthony Parker

Happy Birthday to the Big O!

10 01 2006
Uncle Andy

French women dig it when you wear underwear on your head. I am only trying to keep the natives happy.

The same with manpries….

Happy Birthday to Owen! Don’t forget to never trust your older brothers. At this stage in his life, Ben was just a dumpy guinea pig who repeatedly got beaten by mom for doing things his older brothers told him to do.

10 01 2006

For the record, Owen only wears CLEAN underwear on his head. Having personally experienced the French lack of personal hygiene, I’m afraid Andy may not be able to say the same!

I also want say that I sorta feel bad that we steered Ben wrong at such an early age. The beatings and bad influence may be why he’s had to settle for getting his MDiv at ACU rather than a more prestigious, academically superior school like the Harding Grad School.

Owen, unlike his Uncle Ben, gets his brothers in more trouble than they do him. He must have his daddy’s smarts!

11 01 2006


You’re right…I should have gone to Harding. It was on my short list along with Bear Valley Preaching School, Clark Community College, and East Tennessee School of Preaching. Unfortunately, I did not get into any of those schools because I was too serious about theology, Scripture, and being a good person. Every night I lay down and think “if only I could’ve made it into Harding.”


16 01 2006
Carter Davis

Why am I not surprised to read the Ries’ brothers smack talking about whose grad school is better. Guess it’s that Davenport Central High coming out in you boys!

How bout some love on the blog for the Hawkeyes in their big W over Illinois? Might be the only significant Big Ten game they win.

Alright, back to your smack talking, I cannot wait to hear Bryan’s response…

16 01 2006

Thanks for stirring the pot up again Carter! I should warn you, that if you want to start downing our high school, you’re in for a world of hurt…

Did I ever tell you about the time the North Scott basketball team employed the ‘don’t shower after slopping the pigs’ offense? You could say that it was offensive. I almost passed out because the guy I was guarding smelled so bad!

Big props to the Hawks for beating Illinois. I think Saturday’s win on the road was important too. Here’s hoping that the Illinois win isn’t the only significant Big Ten win of their season. Of course the skeptical, self-protective side of me keeps preparing for the annual Hawkeye mid-season swoon, but one can still hope can’t he?

As for Ben… well I think the move from scenic Portland to the wastelands of west Texas may have scrambled his brains even more! It seems he has HUGSR confused with the Memphis School of Preaching. To quote our hero Hank Hill, “That boy ain’t right!”

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