Kara Christmas Decorations

20 12 2005

On my way home from a village visit, I saw the most simple, and likely the most dangerous, of all Christmas light displays – the traffic light at the major intersection in town was both red and green!


I just had to smile. Who says African cities don’t know how to decorate for Christmas? Why it is such a simple idea! I’d bet cities all over America would save thousands of dollars each year if, instead of putting up Christmas lights, they’d just use the ones hanging at every intersection!


Of course, the millions of dollars spent because of all the traffic accidents that would cause makes one pause. Thankfully, the lights at the intersections are relatively new, so those of us who have driven in Kara for awhile – and Africa in general – already know how to navigate these big intersections without the aid of properly functioning traffic lights.



Speaking of lights. I have an update on our lightly lighted Christmas tree (see post below)…


Tracey and the boys found a string of white lights to add to our tree. They gave it to me as an early gift. (It wouldn’t do much good to give it to me on Christmas day.)


Guess I underestimated our local version of Home Depot! Still, go ahead and send those extra strings of lights Mom. Thanks!




One response

21 12 2005

Haha! As this is prob our last Xmas in Switzerland, I know where to send our xmas stuff when we pack up!

Love you bro!

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