Pics from San Diego

8 12 2005

The lovely Tracey and ever-energetic Owen are back in Togo with us. They had a busy time in San Diego what with a wedding, catching up with family and Christmas shopping to do. Here are a few pictures from their time there…

<- Tracey and Owen at the Ocean Beach pier. Grandma’s house is only a few blocks from the beach, the pier and our favorite mexican restaurant – Nati’s. Tracey had a hard time keeping Owen out of the water.

‘Excuse me. Can I have this dance?’ ->
Owen gets caught trying to cut in on his new Uncle Jason for a dance with Aunt Mandy at the wedding reception. Jason is a Marine staff sargent stationed in San Diego.

Tracey with her sisters, Jenny (left) and Amanda (right). Jenny flew in from her home in Tennessee. She and her daughter Kate stayed with Tracey and Owen at Grandma’s. Even though Amanda was super busy getting ready for her wedding, she still found some time to hang out with her older sisters.


Hanging with Kate.
Owen and Kate ‘hang out’ after church services. The two spent a lot of
time together and had a bunch of fun. It was nice for Owen to have a little one his size to pal around with.




2 responses

9 12 2005

Hey, Bryan (and Tracey!). I’m glad to see you in the blogosphere! I have been thinking about you guys this week, so I’m so glad to have a way to keep up with you. Please give my love to Tracey.

12 12 2005
Randy & Kelly Vaughn

Bryan and Tracey,
Great to find your blog (thanks for the link!) We sure missed seeing all of you at Thanksgiving and the Sports Camp. We’ll check in regularly.

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