Bachelor Pad

30 11 2005

About 2 weeks ago, Tracey and Owen went to the States to attend Tracey’s sister’s wedding in San Diego. Isaac, Graham and I have been holding down the fort here in Togo but we have definitely missed Mom and our little buddy ‘O’.

During Tracey’s absence, I’ve come to appreciate more deeply what a difference one woman can make in a home. Just check out what we’ve been up to:

While Mom is away, the boys will….

  • eat mostly ‘finger food’ meals (hot dogs, pizza, tacos, pb&j sandwiches, etc.),
  • eat dinner while watching hoops on t.v. just about every night,
  • miss Mom like crazy,
  • go almost 3 days without bathing (we were camping),
  • belch as loud (and as frequently) as they please,
  • see how far across the living room they can toss gummy bears into each other’s mouths,
  • and, of course, never put the toilet seat down.

As you can tell, we are ready for the woman in our lives to come home! Please pray for a safe return this Saturday (Dec. 3rd).




2 responses

1 12 2005

Well, it looks like you guys have not slid down too far… they could have been throwing the pizza across the room at each other.

Thanks for adding our homepage link, maybe it will motivate me to update it, although it is due for a complete re-write.

2 12 2005
Carter Davis

I’m sure Tracy will be ready to come back after reading this…
What basketball games are you watching? I hope not the Iowa-NC State game…I didn’t see it but I thought it was a WAC football score at first…45-42…but 5-1 isn’t a bad start…let’s hope for a strong January unlike previous years…
Glad to see the blog…keep it up!

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